Friday, 7 September 2012

August Favourites!

I know, a very late August favourites but these are the products I have been really enjoying this month. I've been going for a very natural look this month as I've been on placement for nearly all of it and so, while I am allowed to use make-up, it's not necessarily been appropriate to wear a lot of it. 

Soap and Glory 'Hand Food': This has been such a life-saver this month! If anyone works in a hospital or has spent a lot of time in hospital, then you'll know about the spirogel that needs to be applied before entering or leaving a ward. This has been completely destroying the skin on my hands and this doesn't make it completely relieved, but is definitely helping to protect my skin and make it feel nice and soft. The smell is so nice too! I'm going to be doing a full review on this soon.

Real Techniques 'Blush Brush': I got this brush for my birthday and I've used it every day since to apply my blusher. It's tapered and so the precision is great, it doesn't deposit too much product on your face and is great for blending. It's so soft and doesn't have any fallout either. I love it.

Focus Dailies One-Day Contacts: This is a weird one, I know! I don't normally wear contacts as my eyesight is not that bad but I decided to get some for placement as if I am trying to see things such as ward signs from far away and I don't have my glasses on then it would give me a headache and I just generally thought it would be easier for placement. These contacts are so easy to use and I can wear them for so long without my eyes getting irritated or dry. 

No7 'Fanomenal Lashes' Mascara: I've done a review on this mascara already so you can check that out here, but I generally love this mascara and I've been using it everyday for the past few weeks.

Revlon ColourStay 'Smoky Shadow Stick': When I first got this, I really didn't like it. I just didn't think much of it and I didn't think it was gonna do much. Nothing particularly against the product, but I just didn't really see the point of it almost? But I've tried it a few times and eventually found a great way to wear it, and I can blend this in so well to wear in the day. I don't think it gives a smokey eye as such, but it does have a lovely effect and I have been wearing it a lot. 

MAC* 'Well Dressed' Blusher: This is such a great natural blush that I think everyone should have it their make-up bag. It's the perfect light pearly pink shade that is so buildable and beautiful to wear every day.

NARS* 'Alhambra' Eyeshadow Duo: I featured this in a haul a few months ago, and since then I've been wearing it so much! It is really, really stunning and NARS eyeshadows are one of the best on the market. Their quality is incredible and all the colours are beautiful. I have been wearing the peachy-pink shade of this duo the most and this looks lush with blue eyes!

MAC* Paintpot in 'Painterly' (not pictured above): This is a great natural beige shade that can be used as either a base for shadow or on it's own as a very neutral your-skin-but-better shade. Love it!

Burts Bees Lipbalm: This is a favourite every month really as it is my absolute, all time favourite lipbalm but this month I could not have lived without it! My lips have been so dry, the wards are so so hot and humid and this has been an absolute saviour. 

Topshop 'Whimsical' Lipstick: This is a really pretty peach-pink shade lipstick which is great for summer. Topshop have a great formula for their lipsticks and this is one of my favourite shades of theirs. They've brought out a few new shades which I shall have to go and check out!

Revlon Lip Butter in 'Strawberry Shortcake': When these first came out, I was obsessed with the Rasberry Pie shade of the lip butters but more recently I've been wearing this really cute pearly pink shade. There's not much I can say about the lip butters that you probably haven't already heard, but they are so so great. Definitely check them out!

Tangle Teezer: I've written a full review on this which I will link here, but I generally have been obsessed with this recently. It's great if you have thick hair that does get tangled easily like mine. 

Thats all from me! I will see you soon.

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