The general idea

The General Idea is that this blog will only feature products that I have either read are cruelty free or have been assured by the company are cruelty free.

Therefore, you will not see any reviews on products by:

Max Factor
Proctor & Gamble 

To name a few! If you see a review on this blog, then you have my promise that, as far as I am aware, it is cruelty free. You will often see me promoting brands that, not only don't test, but encourage others to stop testing too - such as LUSH, Urban Decay, Barry M etc. 

I generally either use My Beauty Bunny to check my products. This information can often be found by checking the brands websites or looking on forums but to be sure, use My Beauty Bunny's cruelty free list.

Important: I am aware of the recent changes to certain brands I use, Estee Lauder who own MAC being among them, which means that companies are expanding their market to China. In China, it is law that products are tested on animals before being sold. In my eyes, this is what should be the concern and activists should be trying to change. However, products sold in China will be completely different to those sold in UK/USA. As far as I'm concerned, this is the same as still buying from The Body Shop, even though it's owned by L'oreal. I avoid these products now - I've switched a lot of my MAC over to Benefit for example, but I would not boycott them in the same way I would L'oreal. 

If I feature a brand that is cruelty free, but the parent company is not, I will place an * by the side. For example: 

This NARS* bronzer is great for summer.

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