Thursday, 20 September 2012

My Make-up History tag!

Oh no, over a week since my last post - this is not good at all! What can I say dear readers? The only explanation I have for you is that I've been so busy since my last post. I finished placement (thank god) and I've moved back to my london flat so I've been doing things with different societies and generally chilling after placement. But that is no excuse, and I'll be back blogging much more regularly before you know it.

So today, I'm doing a tag for you guys and it's the My Make-up History tag! I spotted this over on Shannon's blog RasberryKiss which you can check out here.

1. How long have you been wearing makeup?
I think I started wearing make-up when I was about 12/13 but that was just your basic mascara and foundation. I really got into different brands and products when I was 16/17. 

2. What was your favourite makeup product in the beginning?
It was probably the Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation! Oh those were the days!

3. What is your favourite makeup product now?
I think it's red lipstick or, failing that, any bright lipstick. My favourite one at the moment is the Rimmel London Kate 01 shade or a lovely Barry M limited edition shade 201 called 'Valentine'

4. What were some of your favourite brands in the beginning?
I really liked Max Factor, and to this day I still think they are a great brand - I just wish they were cruelty free! I was really into Natural Collection and I still really like them.

5. What are some of your favourite brands now?
MAC*, NARS, and Revlon. My tastes have changed a bit!

6. How would you describe your makeup style?
I generally go for quite natural make-up - I don't like to look fake or cakey, but I like to have flawless, glowing skin.

7. What is your everyday makeup like?
Usually a neutral eye using a MAC* Paintpot in 'Painterly', or my Revlon Smokey Shimmer Stick in 'Torch', with any bright lip colour.

8. What is your going out makeup like?
I generally go for more of a smokey eye using MAC* or NARS eyeshadows, and a few No7 ones I have. I then often for for something like 'Creme Cup' by MAC* on the lips and I will bronze up my skin a lot more.

9. What makeup look are you known for?
Ooh a tricky one here! I would say my statement bright lips but people do often comment on having glowing skin so I'm not sure. You will have to ask my friends!

10. What is the worst beauty crime you have committed?
Ooh wearing too much blusher. I'm really pale and I didn't really realise that blusher needed to be matched to your skin like every other, so I'd have like white skin then these patches of bright pink blusher. CRINGE.

11. What is the worst beauty crime you are proud to have not committed?
I never had orange foundation lines, I was always really careful to match my foundation correctly.

12. What is one beauty trend your were part of but now aren't a fan of?
I'd agree with Shannon here and say the overly khol lined eyes.

13. What is one trend you are proud to say you were never a part of?
The blue eye-shadow and red lipstick trend. The thought makes me shudder!

14. What is one look you will never go for?
The scousebrow. Or, having really thick eyebrows pencilled in. I have quite thin eyebrows, so I fill mine in softly and only where there is actually hair there. I cannot understand this obsession with making eyebrows massively thick when it's so obvious that they are drawn in.
15. If you were brave enough to wear any look what would it be?
I think I'm actually pretty brave with make-up looks. I suppose I would love to do a really dark, rock-chick style smokey eye but other than that, I'm alright for daring make-up.

16. An old Holy Grail product of yours?
Max Factor 'False Lash' Mascara. I went through so many tubes of this and, honestly, I don't think I've found a cruelty free one I love as much as I loved that one. Max Factor, please go cruelty free just so I can use your mascara again!!

17. A new Holy Grail product of yours?
My Clinique Airbush Concealer. I love this thing to death, you can read my review of it here

I tag anyone who reads this to do this, either as a post on your blog or in the comments below! I'd love to hear what you guys think so please let me know :)

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