Sunday, 23 September 2012

Review! Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation!

It was a sad moment for me when I realised I was coming towards the end of my beloved Chanel Vita Lumiere. I still had some left but I wanted to save it for special occasions and being premature of my next pay packet, I couldn't afford to replace it. So I headed off to Boots with the intention of giving Revlon's famous ColourStay foundation a try but while I was there I spied something better.

It was this little gem from Bourjois. I'd recently found out that Bourjois were cruelty free after thinking for so long that they weren't so I was quite excited to try it out. It has 4 different fruit extracts in it, each one working together to make your skin appear radiant and flawless. It claims to last for 16 hours, with a primer it may last up to about 8 or 9, but it will generally last about 6 on me. But thats 6 hours of flawless coverage and it only starts to fade a little bit, it still looks really great after this time - just not perfect.

I really, really love this foundation. I may even go as far as saying I like it better than the Chanel Vita Lumiere! It has a lot of the same aspects as Chanel Vita Lumiere - it applies beautifully and flawlessly, but still looks really natural. I think it applies better than the Chanel foundation because it doesn't cling to any dry patches and sinks in much better. The Chanel foundation always looked better after an hours wear, it needed that time to settle into the skin. The smell of the Bourjois foundation is lovely too, you can really smell the fruit extracts. I find this foundation applies best with a flat foundation brush, I use the MAC 190. I'm really excited to try the Healthy Mix concealer now!

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