Friday, 3 August 2012

Review: LUSH Retread Conditioner

Since starting to highlight my hair blonde at the beginning of November last year, I'd noticed the ends getting more and more dry and they got dyed again and again. I decided it was time for action and decided to order a tub of LUSH's famous Retread conditioner. I'd heard some good things about this online and I thought it would do the trick to sort out my silly hair. 

After using it for a few weeks and going through about a third of the pot, I can say that...I really, really like this conditioner! After using it for the first time, straight away my hair was less knotty, softer and easier to manage. You don't get a huge pot but it's quite thick and gooey so a small amount covers your entire hair. It doesn't leave your hair feeling weighted down either, it's formula is nearly perfect - if they could just sort out the smell! It's not a horrible smell by any means (my Mum ordered Coolaulin at the same time and that reeks!) but it just smells a bit strange. It's hard to describe. The first smell you're hit with is soya yoghurt, and then there is a little whiff of the melon and possibly a hint of olive oil. It's just not the kind of smell you would want for your hair, and nothing compared to my beloved American Dream.

I'm not sure I'll be repurchasing straight away as it's a lot of money for a small tub but I would definitely consider picking one up if my hair was in the same state and needed a bit of a pick-up. 

July Favourites coming over the next few days, camera issues and moving about has slowed my blogging down a bit but I will be back on track next week :)

Excuse my hair on it!

Photos taken when I first bought it so that's why it's full!

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