Monday, 30 July 2012

How to: Team GB Nails!

When watching the Olympics, I noticed a lot of the athletes had this sort of thing going on and I decided to recreate it! It's really easy and simple, and today I'm gonna tell you guys how to do it :)

Step 1) Locate a red, white and blue nail varnish. This should be fairly simple if you are nail varnish obsessed like me! Make sure your blue is a nice royal blue. The shades I used were: Essie* 'Apertif', Barry M 'Indigo' and Rimmel Nail Tip Whitener.

Step 2) Locate a family member or friend who is willing to hold the open bottles for you so you don't smudge your nails. Tell them it's for the Olympics and they can't refuse! 

Step 3) Paint your index and ring finger with the white colour.

Step 4) Starting from your thumb, alternate the blue and red until every nail is a lovely Union Jack medley!

Step 5) Go over each nail again (this is where your nail buddy comes in) until the colour is opaque.

Step 6) Go over with a topcoat. I used Sally Hanson Diamond Shine Topcoat.

Step 7) Go and show off your lovely British nails by cheering on Team GB!

If you try this, comment below letting me know how you got on or tweet me a pic @sian_llewelyn 
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