Wednesday, 18 July 2012

LUSH | Emotional Brilliance

I am so excited for this to launch, LUSH are one of my favourite shops for their firm and definitive stance on animal testing. After the sell-out of The Body Shop, it will be really amazing to have another place where I can go for everything and not compromise on my ethics. 

This new make-up range will have a lot to live up to, the success of LUSH's bath products and their overall popularity means that the make-up range will have to be something really special so people aren't disappointed. I

What I'm hoping to see in particular...

A good choice of lipsticks
Nail varnishes?! (Out there, but could happen!)
A curling Mascara.

I know from reading Temptalia's blog that there will be cream eyeshadows, liquid liptints and liquid eyeliner

I really hope that LUSH expand into their hair styling products - the bane of my life is trying to find a good quality hair spray! Come on LUSH, I know you can do it!

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