Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Review: Benefit 'They're Real' Mascara

Today I'll be reviewing a fairly recent little product from one of my favourite brands Benefit. I know this mascara has been out for a fair while, but I still thought it was one that people may not have tried yet and might like to know about it. Benefit were always famous for only have the one mascara, the infamous 'BADGal Lash' mascara, that I know is still a cult favourite. So when I heard that a new one had been released, I thought it must be something pretty special if Benefit are bringing out a new mascara, with a new name, and not some variant on BADGal (as they've done previously).

This product retails for £18.50 and is available online, or anywhere that has a Benefit counter. As you can see, the packaging is very sleek and simplistic. The tube appears small, but it's nice and thick and you actually get slightly more product that other mascaras - 8.5g compared to the usual 7/8g. The outer cardboard packaging is covered with different studies, all of which singing the mascara's praises!

'They're Real' claims to lengthen, curl, volumise, lift and seperate - all without smudging or drying out! A lot of this comes from the very nifty little brush, which is rubber with a little spikey ball on the end to really separate and draw out each individual lash. This is a nice idea in principle, except the ball gets clogged really easily with excess mascara, so you're not so much "separating" the lashes as you are clumping them up.

The mascara itself, for me, is good. It certainly does give you that 'false lash' effect, but I would say no more than say MAC False Lashes or some Bourjois mascaras. When I first used this mascara, I absolutely loved the effect it gave. It curls and volumises your lashes, exactly how it says. The biggest problem with it, is getting the bloody thing off! Seriously, I had such issue getting this off my lashes and I found that, because it wouldn't come off properly, it was starting to ruin my lashes to the point where they had lost their natural curl and felt bristly and fine. It is a great mascara while it's on but I don't think the overall look is worth the effect it had on my lashes. I stopped using this daily in around February and I would say my lashes are only now starting to look healthy again. I still keep it and I will occasionally reach for it to give my lashes an extra "oomph" for a night out but this is a rare occasion!

I really wanted to love this mascara but I don't think I could honestly recommend it :(

Let me know if you've tried this mascara and if you found the same as me? Next review will be up soon and will either be a review of Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blusher or of St Tropez...any preferences, let me know!

Bye for now x

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