Saturday, 21 July 2012

Review: Topshop Lipstick

I've spoken before about my love for Topshop make-up so today I'm going to tell you about their much talked about lipsticks. I have two shades, Whimsical and Infrared - although I'm eying up quite a few more.

Left: Whimsical, Right: Infrared
Whimsical is a really pretty pink with undertones of peach. It's quite a natural shade and really lovely when applied to my pale skintone. It's not a groundbreaking colour but the undershades of coral in it made it stand out for me on the shelf. I've not worn this one as much as Infrared, simply because I have a tendency to go for brighter colours. I pair this with a smokey eye on an evening out quite a lot. In contract, Infrared is a bright orange-red. I bought this one after hearing so much about and I do really love it. Unfortunately, it's not the best shade for my blonde hair and does look much better on those with glossy brunette hair. It looks great with a tan. 

The formula of the lipsticks is really good for the money - they retail for £8, which personally I think is quite a lot for a high street brand (but then I suppose it is Topshop!). When applied, the lipsticks look nice and creamy, although I wouldn't say their lasting power is the greatest. I find Infrared has a tendency to go patchy after a certain amount of time - this is amplified if you have chapped lips. I would say you need to have nice soft lips to apply these lipsticks. When I wear them, I find myself topping up every 1-2 hours. 

Topshops colour range wasn't extensive when I went in April but they are constantly adding more to their line up. I'm extremely impressed with Topshops make-up so far! They're a nice alternative when you consider that MAC* Lipsticks are retailing for £14 each. Personally, I will always prefer MAC* as I consider their staying power and colour selection, second to none. However, if I were in that position (as I so often find myself) when I have very little money but I just really want a new lippy, I would head to Topshop straight away! 

Whimsical and Infrared

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  1. Good review about the lipsticks! I'll be purchasing a few online! Thanks :) xxx