Monday, 23 July 2012

MAC 'Snob' Dupes!

Around October time last year, I lost my beloved MAC* 'Snob'. I was visiting a friend in Exeter and I either lost it in a club or it fell out of my bag in the room I was staying in and rolled under something. Either way, I was without 'Snob'.

Being a poor student and being especially poor with Christmas and birthdays coming up, I really couldn't justify buying a replacement. So instead, I put it on my Christmas list and was tragically without it for nearly two months. It was a very traumatic time for me. I'm sure you'll understand.

Anywhoo, I knew I'd need some sort of blue-toned pink to compensate the loss 'Snob' left in my life, so I went on a little search for a dupe. I ended up buying two lipsticks which I felt matched the shade fairly well and these two were: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 006 'Pink Blush' (£6.99) and Natural Collection Lipstick in 'Pink Mallow' (£1.99). 

Here's what they look like in the tube:

As you can see, not very similar at all! But when swatched on my arm:

They look a bit more similar. Rimmels 'Pink Blush' is a lighter, sheerer and has warmer undertones. I've always stayed away Rimmel lipsticks, not because of the quality, but because the taste is so horrible! Natural Collection's 'Pink Mallow' is nearer the colour but, again, lacks the blue undertones that 'Snob' contains. It's lasting power is not brilliant but, for £1.99, what would do you expect? 

Now, I know many people love the shade of 'Snob' but find it hard to wear, because of those blue undertones. To those people, try either one of these lipsticks! I personally prefer 'Pink Mallow', because the colour is closer, it's cheaper and it has a nicer, creamier formula. 

FUNNY STORY (sort of):

I actually lost my MAC 'Snob' AGAIN earlier this year, and convinced myself that I was jinxed. I said "If I can't find it, I am not re-buying it again! It's just not meant to be!" 

I eventually found it hiding under my bed, hidden by my duvet cover. I never would have seen it, had I not caught a tiny glimpse of it in my mirror when adjusting my duvet. Sneaky 'Snob'.


  1. Great info! LOVED the post! :)

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  2. i popped into lush a few weeks ago (the nearest lush for me is two and a half hours away D: ) i seriously considered buying snob! it's so stinkin' pretty! but i picked up something very similar to it... i think it's called ravishing? it's a bit more coral-y, but i'm SO in love with it! and your blog -- i love your blog! ha ha :)


    1. Is Ravishing a MAC shade? Snob is probably one of my all time favourite lipsticks, it's so stinkin' pretty :) Thank you so much for your kind comments! x