Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Review: Revlon Photo Ready Cream Blush

Today I'll be reviewing another product from Revlon, their new Photo Ready Cream Blushers. These are available in three shades: Flushed, Pinched and Coral Reef. Being a beauty junkie, I'd heard about these before they hit the UK from American bloggers.

I'm generally not the biggest fan of cream blushers, but I am a fan of Revlon so I was both anticipating their release and ready to pick one up when they hit the stores. The shade I have for you is Pinched, which is  a very natural, peach shade with an ever so slight shimmer. All three products swatched effortlessly in the store, but I decided to pick up the most natural one as I don't use cream blush regularly, so I thought it best to not risk walking around with unblended blusher. Imagine the horror!

As you can see in the swatch, the colour is fairly sheer, and easily blends into the skin. The texture is probably one of the creamiest I've seen in a cream blush and as it's not an overly thick product, you won't run that risk of applying too much. This is certainly starting to change my mind on cream blushers, and I may have to make a cheeky trip to Boots to pick up one of the other colours before the offer runs out!

These are available in Boots and Superdrug for £5.99 currently, with the intent of going up to £7.99, along with the Balm Stains so I would definitely pick either up now if you were thinking about it.


  1. How long does this last? I've always wanted to get into cream blushes but I've never really found them easy to apply. And if this one is the creamiest you've seen, then I'm thinking it won't last as long?

    1. On my skin, it lasts well. I don't wear cream blushers often so I can't say how long in comparison to other cream blushers. It applies really creamy and blends in well so it's a good 'starter' cream blush if you will! I'm still a powder girl though :)

  2. My next purchase! Fab post

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